Free Roulette Guide | How to Play

  • Jul 22, 2021

Roulette game has been around for many decades, and the history of the game can be traced back to the seventeenth-century when a French man named Blaise Pascal was attempting to develop a motion machine. This attempt gave birth to today's roulette game, and it is widely popular among casinos. Check out for more.

Why Should You Play Free Roulette?

There are lots of reasons why a player can consider playing free roulette. And there are lots of online casinos that give players the chance to play free roulette. First, players who are only interested in having fun do not need to risk their bankroll when they can play their favourite roulette variant for free without any cost.

Additionally, beginners who wish to play for real money can learn using the free version of the game before they bet with real money. Besides that, if you are looking to choose an online casino for roulette, you can test run the casino by playing for free before you register with them. Other benefits include:

  • Players can use free roulette to choose the variants that best fits their preference
  • Additionally, you can also gather the needed gambling experience with free roulette.

Free Roulette Variants

Over the years, roulette has experienced tremendous growth, which has led to the development of several variations. However, we all only mention the main three variants of the game in this guide. One of them is the American Roulette, which consists of 38 pockets numbered from 1 to 36 as well as a 00 and 0 pockets.

Another one is the European Roulette with 37 pockets numbered from 1 to 36 as well as a 0 pocket. The European Roulette is more popular due to its low house edge of 2.7%. The American Roulette has a house edge of 5.26% because of the presence of 00 pockets. The French Roulette is similar to European Roulette.

How to Play Free Roulette?

Generally, roulette is easy to play - whether you can playing for free or for real money. There are no skills involved. All you need to do is choose the right online casino that has your favourite roulette variant. Most gambling site won't require you to register with them before you can access their roulette game for free.

Once you have chosen your preferred site, select the roulette that you want to play for free and start enjoying. The casino will provide you with a virtual chip that you can use to place your bet. But note that you can't win real money in free roulette except you are playing using casino bonuses. Roulette bets include:

  • Inside bets - placed on numbers inside the wheel
  • Outside bets - placed on the additional area of the table.

Is Free Roulette Mobile Compatible?

Free roulette games are designed to using the latest web technology, HTML5, which has made it easy for the game to be enjoyed across all mobile platform. So, no matter the operating system your device runs on (Android, iOS, or Windows), you will be able to access them. With this, you can enjoy the game on the go.

In addition, HTML5 has made the game highly optimized as it can adjust to any screen size. However, some functions or features of the game might have been embedded in one single menu. This is to make the roulette wheel and table sit comfortably on your device. You can access free roulette on your mobile in two ways:

  • By accessing the game via your web browser
  • By downloading the casino mobile app

Our Final Verdict

On a final note, we can conclude that playing free roulette is the best way to learn this game of chance without having to risk our bankroll. Additionally, you can use the free roulette to test run several online casinos when trying to choose the right casino where you can wager for real money.

In this article, we have discussed the necessary things you need to get started with a free roulette game online. You will find several online casinos that offer free roulette, just choose your desired one and start enjoying the thrilling and fun-filled gaming moments. Once you have mastered the game, you can start playing for real money.

Free Roulette | A Comprehensive Guide to Playing Online